Measuring skin's biological age for discovery of

Age-Reversal Solutions

Mitra Bio has sequenced thousands of skin samples.

Our expanding repository of epigenetic data is the cornerstone of our endeavour. Our proprietary aging clock quantifies skin biological aging, drawing on clinical indicators like wrinkles and pigmentation, longevity biomarkers such as ELOVL2 and lifestyle factors such as sun exposure, smoking, and diet.

Proudly trusted by global brands to expedite their clinical trials and product discovery

"With innovation comes testing and to date, we have tested our ingredients on cultured skin samples in our lab, however working with Mitra Bio on this trial has allowed us to test in a completely new way. We are excited about the results and their process and have been blown away at how easy it is to test the skin using their skin patches, with incredibly detailed results.”
Jack Glynn
Director of New Technology & Testing

With access to a proprietary database of many validated epigenetics biomarkers, our technology can support claims while accelerating time to market.

Non-invasive alternative for biomarker extraction

No use of skin biopsy for data collection. The non-invasive alternative can be used even on the face expediting ethics approval and patient recruitment.

Access the largest epigenetic biobank

Dynamic and tissue specific, our DNA methylation biomarkers track distinguishing between clinically active vs inactive ingredients while assessing dosage requirements directly on human skin.

Predict clinical changes quicker

Our platform estimates clinical change while bridging the gap between in-vitro and clinical observations from earlier data points, reducing time and cost of clinical trials.

Ready to access biological data from the skin non-invasively for your clinical trial?

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