Tap into skin epigenetics for clinical success of therapeutics

Measure skin aging inflammation sun damage

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Changing the status quo of skin assessment

Replace invasive biopsies with non-invasive skin testing. Our advanced next-generation sequencing analyzes epigenetics, offering insights into intervention effectiveness, biological aging rate, UV damage, and skin quality metrics to gauge a therapy’s direct impact.

Clinical Trials

Epigenetics biomarkers inform efficacy of skin therapies


We use tape-stripping to collect large amounts of biological material easily, and painlessly.


By measuring the change in DNA methylation markers, we can assess the skin’s biological age, inflammation, and sun damage.

Precision Therapies

We develop predictive biomarkers, identifying optimal responders to specific formulations. This enables a high level of personalization.

How it works


Design the study and key objectives

Define the key objectives for your clinical trial. Mitra Bio will provide expert guidance to aid you in designing your study.


Collect skin non-invasively

Use Mitra Bio’s proprietary tape strips for comprehensive collection of biological material, in vivo. Send the samples to us and we’ll take care of DNA extraction, targeted next-generation sequencing, full data analysis, and reporting.


Discover actionable insights

Using our extensive database, we help turn epigenetic data into actionable insights for intervention efficacy, dosage and rejuvenation to power precision dermatological therapeutics.

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