We're not just a skin diagnostics start-up

We're a skin revolution.

Armed with the power of epigenomics, we’re shattering the norms of skin health by unlocking precious biological insights non-invasively.

Picture this: a world where skin data isn’t a secret locked behind invasive biopsies. Our mission? To disrupt the status quo and liberate skin data from its biopsy chains. Diagnostics and groundbreaking treatments demand skin’s innermost truths, and we’re delivering – no scalpel required.

We extract biological data from the skin using non-invasive sampling, next-generation sequencing and data science. The resulting platform is being used by some of the world’s leading skincare and pharmaceuticals to inform product efficacy and discovery of novel longevity molecules.

Join our team of innovators and scientists, headquartered in London.

About Mitra bio Mitra bio is a start-up backed by Illumina and the University of Oxford that aims to disrupt skincare and skin health through data. Mitra is developing a skin longevity platform powered by non-invasive sampling and epigenetics to enhance diagnostics and personalized treatments...

We are seeking a creative and results-oriented Marketing Executive to join our growing team and play a key role in promoting our innovative health solutions to healthcare professionals. The ideal candidate will possess a passion for marketing, a strong understanding of B2B marketing strategies, and...

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